Friday, May 8, 2009

Now I am going to have a story...

I have found that many women find much pride in their infamous "Labor and Delivery Story." It's almost as if you are officially part of some new club once you have delivered a baby; a new and very special club, where only those who have faced this unbearable pain and pushed something so huge through something so small have room to talk and be proud... and now I am going to get a story too... it has just begun...

I am fully effaced, 3cm dilated, and have cleaned every last inch of my apartment. I feel as if the baby is so low that I can barely sit up straight. We are ready. So, now we wait for those "toe curling, make your eyes water, every 5 minutes for 2 hours straight contractions" as my doctor calls them and then we can leave for the hospital.

My story has begun and it already sounds like it's gonna be tough, but the ending is so sweet.

So we wait... for the rest of the story and my initiation into the club.


  1. Kristi!! Hahah so cute! I can not wait to hear how it all goes! Something that helped me through the labor was that "tomorrow will be awesome and this will be over in a few hours". Are you going natural or getting an epideral? We are praying for you!

  2. HIIIII!!!!!
    You should so name this kad
    Trish. I mean cause Trish is just a beastly name and it just fits. Think about Mary Patricia Bentley. And plus it will make Patrick feel better since Patricia is the female version of Patrick. =]]]]

  3. is a little secret I used for the birth of my baby girl, Rachel...who is now 24!
    She too is a Sunday's child!! I went to 11 o'clock mass after mass Fr. Kirk gave me a blessing and off to the hospital I went!! I had been told if I can keep from clamping down during contractions the baby would come quicker so I just started saying the Hail Mary's and whoops she was here...infact I think I should have named her Ave Maria!!! To Christ through Mary...with love, Joanne ;-D