Thursday, May 7, 2009

Classes over! Baby, here we come!

Well, that's my classes and the classes that I mentioned in my previous post - baptism, birthing and breastfeeding.

So, some exciting news! Kristi is 3-centimeters dilated! The doctor told us this morning that she hopes to have a baby here in the next 3 days or so. To help it along, Dr. Barrett stripped Kristi's cervical membrane while she was checking her cervix. This was a surprise to us both, but we can't wait! So, I guess "Here comes Baby!" would have been a more appropriate title for this post. I am so excited!

The classes last week were ok. From best to worst, I would order them: birthing, breastfeeding and baptism. Coincidentally, this is also from longest to shortest. All of them incorporated videos: women screaming and babies being born in the birthing class, babies rooting and feeding in the breastfeeding class and babies being baptized in the very corny, very dated, awful baptism video. Too bad there wasn't a little more meat to that class because I think it could have been very helpful for all the participants.

Alright then, I'm going to be a dad soon. Let's get this show on the road.

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