Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to the World!!!

Updated with some new photos!!!

We would like to announce to you the birth of:

Gabriel Patrick Bentley

5lbs, 13oz and 20in.
at 7:36 central on Mother's Day,
May 10, 2009

Mamma Kristi and Baby Gabriel are both doing great! Thanks for all the prayers!


  1. Congratulations to you both and Welcome baby Gabriel! What a perfect day to receive such a precious gift - and it's just part of your wonderful story! God is so good!

    Marisa & Charles, Adam, Abbey, Andrew and A.J.

    p.s. We love his name - Gabriel is Andrew's middle name and Patrick is Adam's :)

  2. oh my gosh he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! can't wait to meet him in person. i love you guys and am praying for a quick recovery!


  3. Kristi and Patrick,
    WOW!!!! HE IS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations - I am so excited for both of you guys and I can't wait to hold him! Much love to you both!

  4. HE IS SO CUTE!!!
    AHHHH congratulations! I am glad both of oyu are doing well! i will tell everyone you ahve a little boy!!

  5. He is absolutely adorable!!! Congrats you guys! I'm so excited for you all!!

    Ashley (and Brad)

    P.S. Please send me your mailing address once you are back home and settled in ( I thought I had your TN address, but I don't!

  6. Welcome Gabriel Patrick to your second home on earth! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! Best wishes to your loving, proud parents & grandparents! I know your life will be filled with an abundance of love, hope and faith in all God has to offer you! Kristi, hope you heal quickly and SLEEP whenever Gabriel does!! Heartfelt best wishes to ALL of you!

    Much Love.
    Carol Torrey

  7. Yay!!! He looks so handsome! I'm so proud of you, Kristi!
    Liz Smith :)

  8. Patrick and Kristi!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. We are soooo happy for you! And he is so handsome already - geesh. Little boys are way too much fun. Can't wait to talk to you both!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! What an adorable bundle. Blessings for you all!. We'll call you soon once you're back home and up for visitors. We'll bring you dinner this week. Lots of Love - Tricia, Joel, Daniel, Jacob, and baby #3 : )

  10. WELCOME GABRIEL PATRICK!! God BLESS you ALL! What a beautiful celebration of God's love to welcome this new life into the world! We have been hounding heaven for you and are SO happy to hear that he has arrived and that you are doing well! Way to go Mom and Dad...and born on Mother's Day! BEEautiful! I think he actually looks like Patrick! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures....we will let you relax, recuperate and get settled and then we will love the chance to hold and love him up! Please call if you need ANYTHING! God Bless, IN Christ, the Czarka Family

  11. Hey Mrs. Bentley (Miss Z)!!
    oh my gosh your baby is ADORABLE! he is so cute and you have to bring him down for the sjn girls so we can see him! i'm so grateful that everything went swell and that he's a cute, happy baby! i hope that everthing is ok and i hope to see you soon! you will always be in my prayers and i hope that gabriel will grow up to be an awesome, inspiring person just like his mommy :)

    God Bless,
    Karen V.

  12. Congratulations Patrick and Kristi!!! Gabriel is SO precious. You guys are going to be wonderful parents. May God bless your family.

    Josh and Marci

  13. Congradulations! Gabe is so precious!!! I'm a little disappointed though...what ever happened to Danielle Kaitlyn or Kaitlyn Danielle??? Well I guess if I was a boy I wouldn't want to have those names either :) Just wanted to let you know that you two as parents is more than any child of God could ask for. Congrats again and give him a big HUG for me ;)

    With prayers,
    Kaitlyn Horvath

  14. Hey Kristi and Patrick!!!
    Congratulations!!! We are so excited and pround of you!! What an ADORABLE baby boy!!! (love the name by the way) :)

  15. Congratulations on the beautiful boy! Just so you know, I lobbied extra hard for you to get the Fatima Statue! Am glad to see she will be making a visit to your house as you begin your new journey as a little holy family. Verso l'alto!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS on your adorably cute and healthy baby boy!!!! So glad I went for the boy clothes hehe :)
    I cannot wait to hold little Gabriel - he looks tiny! We are praying for you guys!
    Love, Mike & Dayna

  17. he is so amazingly beautiful. seriously. some babies just don't look that good when they come out but he's amazing!!!! love you!!

  18. Oh my goodness, he is soooo adorable! I am so happyfor you two. Little boys are sweet, and little Gabriels are even sweeter:) Can't wait for them to meet! Love and Prayers,
    Anna, Gabe, and Gabriel

  19. Kristi and Patrick: Congratulations on the birth of beautiful Gabriel Patrick. He is truly adorable!! We're very thankful that all prayers were answered and Gabriel is here safe and sound. Also an amazing tribute to Our Lady of Fatima. You may not know this, but Grandmom & Grandpop Holwell had a picture of Our Lady of Fatima in their bedroom for a hundred years. I loved it - it always gave me such comfort growing up. That pics now in our bedroom! Our Lady is the best advocate for her Son...just like you'll be for yours!! I think it's a sign that your great grandparents are smiling down on you!! Can't wait to meet the little man ~~ Patrick, thanks for taking good care of our Kristi!! We love you both. Aunt Sallie & Uncle Rich (PA)

  20. Awwww... Congratulations! That's soooo cool that he was born on mother's day...

    Mmmkay, well I gotta run...
    but I'll be praying for you!

    Christi/Michelle (Whatever it is now) Ashenfelter